F3 Gear Announcement

F3 Gear Announcement

Just as F3 has grown, so has the F3 Gear Store. We’re excited to announce a new and extended agreement with our current partner, MudGear Obstacle Race Apparel, to be the exclusive source of F3 licensed gear and apparel. This agreement formalizes this meaningful, existing partnership started last year and will mean more custom-designed F3 apparel options for future races and continued proceeds for F3 Nation.

The scope of the F3 Gear Store has grown considerably over the last 12-18 months. We started operations with zero inventory and all items made upon order; your support of the store has allowed us to build up to several thousands of dollars in inventory items that ship next-day. At your encouragement, we’ve placed the F3 logo on top brands that include Under Armour, Mountain Hard Wear, Nike, and Headsweats. Suppliers from within our own PAX include Chief in NoCo and The Horse in Charlotte Metro, with more on the way. And revenue generated by sale of F3 logo gear is a steady source of support for F3 Nation operations.

Many of you recognize the name MudGear as the company behind the F3 Gear Store, but some may not know that MudGear is itself born from the spirit of F3. It was created by necessity in 2012 as our Gear Team recognized the need to quench the thirst of the pax for high-quality F3 gear, while partnering with an entity capable of handling operations and the complexities of sales tax reporting. Meanwhile, Malkovich was in the process of building his vision of a new brand of outdoor athletic apparel tailored for participation in mud runs and other obstacle races. We partnered with MudGear to outsource the production and fulfillment needs of F3 Gear, while also supporting Malko’s development of his own MudGear product line.

We recently formalized an agreement that until now had been based on a handshake, making MudGear the Official Gear Provider of F3 Nation. MudGear will continue to operate the F3 Gear Store and support the rapid expansion of F3 groups. In the months ahead, look for the current lineup of gear to be supplemented by a number of insanely badass custom F3 logo apparel items under the MudGear brand, starting with race jerseys for mud runs and obstacle races. As always, a percentage of F3 Gear Store sales will continue to support F3 Nation operations.

The F3 Gear Store will also be the first and only place to purchase several first-run MudGear apparel items including trail race socks and base layer briefs (both available now), and later this year will be the place to get a first look at MudGear‘s formal brand launch and its first full line of obstacle and adventure race apparel.

The F3 Gear Store plays an important role in supporting the growth of F3. Each F3 region and workout sites has its own unique identity, but all are united by that F3 logo front and center on our chests each day — and it is the F3 Gear Store that gets our logo in the hands of our guys with quality and consistency. Last Sunday, when OBT’s inner PAINguin was shivering deep inside its ice cave in Mile 24 of the Chicago Marathon, he looked ahead in the crowd and saw an F3 shirt with Fonzie’s awesome Chicago Marathon design on the back — the first time he’d spotted another F3 runner among the 45,000 on the course. He yelled out, “F3!” and Skipper turned and waved — exactly the boost he needed to pull himself together and run a strong final mile of the race.

We look forward to continuing to serve the Gear needs and desires of the Nation in the months ahead. Please help us keep the F3 Gear Store running strong by getting your feedback and gear requests to your regional Gear Q or email malkovich@mudgear.com.

– OBT and Malkovich