MadGrips Pro Palm Obstacle Race Gloves
MadGrips Pro Palm Obstacle Race Gloves
MadGrips Pro Palm Obstacle Race Gloves

MadGrips Pro Palm Obstacle Race Gloves

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After tearing through many different gloves during F3 workouts and obstacle races, we've found one that offers an excellent balance of durability and economy.

You will find the palm of these gloves to be unlike most dipped gloves that have a thin layer of coating on the outside. These have a padded palm and front that they call an injected molding of thermoplastic rubber. It is much thicker than the dipped gloves you commonly find at the hardware store, and it provides greater hand protection and gripping.
The palms are tough, but softer than a tire rubber. There are small groves and bumps like tread along the palm and fingers that help with grip and channel away water and muck.  The grip combined with cushioning on the palm prevents busted paws while maintaining maximum control of ropes, bars, logs, and other obstacles. 
After weeks of wear, most guys will see some wear on the finger tips if they are doing enough burpees on concrete, but it is difficult to rub a hole in them. They certainly last longer than the price tag would indicate.
On the back of the glove, without the molding, you will see the cotton/nylon/spandex inner lining. It's comfortable, breathable, and drains well once your hands get submerged in water and mud. These gloves are completely machine washable, but like the rest of the gear you don't throw away after a race, you'll want to hose out the mud before you drop them in the washer.
These gloves come in a strange set of sizes, so we created a chart and diagram below that should help guys select the right size. The four size choices are "S", "M", "L", and "XL". Most men of average size to tall will wear a L or an XL. S and M are a nice tight fit for guys with average to slightly smaller hands (no judgement). If you have big meaty fingers, XL is the only one for you. There is not a size for women specifically, but many m's will do well with the S. While these sizes are a little restrictive, the good news is that the modification in the video of cutting out the fingertips can cure a bad fit. Some guys prefer to leave the fingers intact for extra protection and/or warmth. Your call.
The ideal glove for mud runs and obstacle races is hard to find, but this come close depending on temperatures. It's probably not going to give you the warmth you need once you go below freezing.
These are also not miracle gloves that will suddenly enable you to stick to a set of monkey bars that are coated in wet mud, but most guys will find them to be considerably better than others they've tried and much better than bare hands. They are perhaps the best gloves available for ropes, even when wet or muddy.
Bottom line, this glove is cheap enough to wear without worrying about ruining them in the muck, and they will take abuse and last a long time through many tough training workouts and races. 
Video of Possible Modifications

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