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MudGear Tall Compression Merino Wool Socks - Black/Gray (1 Pair)

Regular price$ 49.00

MudGear Tall Compression Merino Wool Socks - Black/Gray (1 Pair)

  • DURABLE - Toughness tested by die-hard trail runners
  • MERINO WOOL - Natural comfort and moisture management
  • COMPRESSION - Graduated for comfort and efficiency 
  • MADE TOUGHER - Made in the USA 1 PAIR PACK


Elite Innovation Meets Natural Comfort

Embrace the legendary performance of MudGear’s original Tall Compression Socks with the added comfort of Merino natural wool. The end result is a sock that feels fantastic against your skin regardless of the severity of adventures to which it’s exposed. 

The Merino Wool Difference

While MudGear has always insisted on using only premium yarns (natural and synthetic), Merino wool offers unparalleled quality in terms of comfort and moisture management. It comes from Merino sheep which comfortably withstand the Earth’s harshest environmental conditions while yielding three times as much wool as larger breeds. It’s a testament to the fibrous efficiency of Merino wool.  

Compression Obsession

The scientific value of compression socks is well-documented. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work or just like to log long runs on the weekends, graduated compression can improve blood flow and prevent the soreness of lactic acid and swelling. Many customers even find benefits in wearing their compression socks during extensive traveling and at home for recovery.

Superior Leg Protection

Our socks are taller than most, covering more of your leg with durable, premium yarns. However, the true difference maker has to be the added padding behind the lower calf. This is a game changer for avoiding rope burn and scrapes from other rigid obstacles. The backing also provides minimal but meaningful added support to the calves.

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