MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves
MudGear OCR Gloves

MudGear OCR Gloves

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  • PROTECTIVE - Stop blisters and surface abrasions
  • SUPERIOR GRIP - Semi-sticky palm for enhanced hold
  • FINGERLESS - For venting, mobility, and touch confirmation
  • WRIST SUPPORT - Tighten and secure strap for reinforced fit
  • VERSATILE - Perfect for lifting, climbing, workouts, and racing




Make short work of rigs, monkey bars, and other grip-based obstacles with the enduring comfort of MudGear OCR Gloves. They are the perfect accessory for short courses oversaturated with grip obstacles or longer races where even walls and crawls can take their toll on your hands.


The only thing worse than hurting with every grab is not feeling the obstacles at all - causing you to slip, start over, or subject to penalties. MudGear OCR Gloves are thick enough to protect against blisters and callouses, but thin and flexible enough to feel what you need to feel so that you know you have ahold of what you're grabbing. Contact is reaffirmed by the gloves' fingerless design, and their sticky palm construction promotes superior grip even in wet conditions.


These gloves also provide exceptional wrist support. The built-in wrist wraps ensure that your wrists stay in the proper position during training and racing.

Along with insuring lasting protection for your next obstacle course race, MudGear OCR Gloves are an excellent addition to your obstacle training, CrossFit, and basic weightlifting.

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