F3 North Carolina License Plate Application

F3 North Carolina License Plate Application

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Please read all instructions below before ordering.

To: Members of the F3 Nation with registered vehicles in North Carolina

We are collecting applications to gain approval for a North Carolina Special License Plate that will feature the F3 logo on the left of 4 numbers and letters "F3" on the right. 

The special plate will come in 2 options, “First in Flight” or “First in Freedom”.  You may also elect to request to personalize up to 4 numbers/letters in the middle of the plate for an additional annual charge.

We will need to collect 300 completed forms with the application fee before we are able to submit for the plate.

To participate, you must do two things now:

1) Download and complete this application form.  On the form, you will select either "First in Flight" or "First in Freedom", and your personalization if desired.  You must email your completed form to F3NCDMV@gmail.com as a pdf or word document, not a photo.

2) Select either "personized" or "not personalized" and click Add to Cart to purchase.  You will pay $20 now for the standard plate with no personalization, or $50 now for a personalized plate.  ($10 from either option goes to support F3 expansion)  If approved, these fees will be collected annually from the DMV and the issued plate will replace the one on your current vehicle and class it up a bit. 

Once we have the completed forms, we will submit for approval of the special plate within the NC General Assembly. After that, the DMV will begin sending out the plates as they process the applications.  Please provide a good contact number in the event of questions.  We’ve got representatives in the General Assembly that are willing to endorse passage.  If we are unable to reach the 300 applications, you will receive a full refund.  

Other Questions? F3NCDMV@gmail.com