F3 Black Friday Book & Workout Deck Bundle

F3 Black Friday Book & Workout Deck Bundle

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This bundle includes 2 of our best selling items at a great price:

  • 1 Freed To Lead Book
  • 1 Waterproof Workout Deck
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F3 Freed To Lead Book:

Freed To Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-day Warrior
by Dave Redding (Dredd) and Tim Whitmire (OBT)
Illustrations by Jason Hendrickson (Fonz)

The story of F3 in Paperback edition hand signed by Dredd and OBT.

F3 Waterproof Workout deck

A beatdown in every box

The F3 Workout Deck was inspired by Smokey and the PAX of F3 Greensboro who wanted to create a "beatdown box" for Qs to use in generating workouts based on random cards and rep counts.