F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022
F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022
F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022
F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022
F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022
F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022
F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022

F3 American Ruck PAINcake Pre-Order April 2022

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Timing: Pre-orders will be taken until end of day 04/02/2022.

Shipping: These will be shipped to your doorstep anywhere in the U.S. You do not have to pick it up at an F3 Workout.

  • Ruck Something Useful!  Great for F3 rucks, beatdowns and CSAUPs
  • Made in the USA (“baked in TX”) by F3 Brother, "Shakespeare" from F3 Austin
  • Patent-pending functionality and multi-purpose kettlebell handle and dumbbell handle
  • Can be personalized with your own patches


Pre-Order Minimum: 30 orders

  • If we reach 30 orders, American Ruck PAINcakes will be delivered customized with F3 patches
  • If we happen to reach 50, custom F3 PAINcakes will be delivered with the F3 logo and “Iron sharpens iron” will actually cast into the iron - super BA
  • If we happen to not hit 30, we'll still provide an option to get your PAINcake without the F3 customization or a refund if you want one.

Expected Fulfillment (once funded): May 2022 (For delivery updates contact Graham@americanruck.com)


Functional Ruck Weights for Delicious Gains

The F3 PAINcake is a multi-purpose fitness system designed to comfortably fit in a backpack or rucksack for rucking* while allowing easy access to be removed and used as a customizable apparatus for working out and facilitating exercises traditionally** impossible or reserved only for kettlebells or dumbbells. Our F3 PAINcake is designed to significantly augment the number of exercises available to a practitioner who conducts fitness outdoors.

  • *Rucking – or hiking with weight – typically requires a backpack, a specialized rucksack or vest in order to intentionally increase the weight of a practitioner and allow them to build muscle, lose fat and increase stamina. It is easier on the knees than running but adds a level of difficulty to walking.
  • **Traditional ruck weights are just pieces of metal with handles on them to put in and out of a backpack and do not have handles or utility in mind to be used for anything else other than increasing weight.

Manufacturer: American Ruck™ - Founded by Graham Westbrook, F3 "Shakespeare" 

Weight Options: 

  • 30lbs (previously released via kickstarter, now available for F3)

Dimensions: 12.2”x9”x1.5” (30lbs) 

Coating: A tough, durable, weather-resistant clear-coat which comes out like GunMetal Gray. 


  • Top Handle (e.g. Kettlebell handle): The top handle is a kettlebell-like handle, but with altered chamfered edges and a radius that allows a lay-flat feel for the wrist doing overhead exercises (e.g. clean/jerk) without impeding motion. The rounded edge also facilitates one- and two-handed swinging motions that traditional ruck weights disallow by design. 
  • Middle Handle (e.g. Dumbbell handle): The middle handle is a dumbbell-like handle, but with enough room in the cavity for bare hands or gloves to conduct curling movements, overhead or tricep movements and neutral grip movements, like push ups off of a raised feature. It also allows the part to be held in its center of gravity, getting the most out of its weight for movement and for contributing to a shield-like aesthetic that augments the design aesthetic.  
  • Customizability and ‘Shield’ aesthetic: Throughout history a ‘shield’ was always a surface on which people could express their loyalty, individuality and values. The FRW, because of its recesses and velcro-sections embedded into the part, also allows a practitioner to customize the part by adding patches and other hook-and-loop enabled art to be attached/detached from the weight. 
  • Weatherproofing: The part has an exterior coating which makes it waterproof and weatherproof to significantly reduce the likelihood of rust and allow for the part to be grasped by bare hands or gloves in the rain and not slip. This is a feature that elongates the lifetime of the PAINcake, protects it from the elements and adds a necessary safety element to the part.

What comes with it?   You will get the Ruck PAINcake itself and a strip of hook-back adhesive strip to add into the recess on the weight for personalization & patches. This strip will come optional so that if you want it, it's an easy add that takes 5 seconds and stays for years, OR keep it off. User preference. Mileage varies.

Ruck something useful!

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