Epic Wipes
Epic Wipes
Epic Wipes

Epic Wipes

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  • Like a baby wipe that's the size of a large hand towel and smells like a man
  • Essential gear for cleanup after your race or ruck
  • Keeps your BRR van smelling nice

Excerpt from F3 co-founder OBT's review:

"I happened to take three of them with me to Jacksonville for GrowRuck 01 in November and when the Challenge ran long and Dredd, CR and I didn't have time to shower before getting on the plane back to Charlotte, we used them to make ourselves presentable enough to get through the TSA line -- it was the perfect solution to that situation!"


10 Individually Packaged Wipes per Box or a Single


  • 100% Biodegradable wipes
  • Gentle on your body and respectful on our earth
  • Spend less time cleaning (16X LARGER than a standard wet wipe)

Hundreds of Uses!