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Digital Marketing Manager

We are seeking an organized and highly motivated individual to help manage the expansion of our MudGear brand and FiA / F3 Gear Stores. 

The Digital Marketing Manager will join a small team of dedicated people who are passionate about serving customers and delivering value. You will quickly become a key player in a dynamic entrepreneurial eCommerce business. It's the perfect role for someone with high energy and great skills who wants to be more than a cog in a big machine.

You'll take charge of our digital marketing efforts to plan and implement campaign strategies, manage agency and consultant relationships, and measure and evaluate overall success.  At the same time, you’ll need the specialized technical skills to personally implement your strategy and tactics.  You’ll be a visionary, a subject matter expert, and you’ll also get your hands dirty. 


Here's what the new Digital Marketing Manager position will entail.

The role is remote and home-based, able to be performed from anywhere.  This is a full time role with an expected 40 hour work week, but the role is designed to be very flexible on location and work hours. The ability to work independently and manage priorities is critical. 

We’re looking to find the right candidate to fill this role ASAP.

Performance is measured by your ability to set and achieve monthly "big rock" goals. The salary will be based on experience and market rate.

Expected Duties and Skills
For the MudGear Brand:
  • Design and implement digital marketing campaigns (organic and paid) and evaluate campaign performance

  • Build landing pages and targeted ad funnels with appropriate tracking

  • Implement and test improvements to increase Conversion Rate and AOV

  • Build segments and construct automated email flows in tools like Klaviyo or Omnisend

  • Evaluate, plan, and execute Search Engine Optimization efforts (onsite and offsite), and help define content marketing strategies

  • Track overall KPIs and continually monitor the profitability of all marketing efforts including ppc ad spend

  • Manage agency and consultant relationships for search, retargeting, display, and social media advertising


Along with your unique talents and personality, our ideal candidate will have:

  • Firsthand understanding of the culture of the MudGear, F3, FiA communities

  • Good general business sense (marketing, branding, profit margins, etc.)

  • Deep knowledge of eCommerce and digital marketing

  • Experience starting a side hustle or working in a small business environment

  • Technology skills; experience using many web-based marketing platforms

  • Strong web graphics and design skills; some html chops desired.

  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to communicate clearly

  • Experience managing agencies and consultants


This job might not be a perfect fit for everyone, especially if:

  • You prefer punching a clock and require direct supervision to get things done

  • You prefer sitting in a cube and doing just enough to avoid the next layoff

  • You're not curious about why things work the way they do, and you're not driven to make improvements

  • You don't do what you say you'll do

  • You don't like diving in to solve problems and make things right for customers

Who We Are

My name is Malko, and I'd like to tell you a little about my team's story.

I started MudGear and the F3 Gear Store in 2012 to help manage F3 logo t-shirt orders for the guys in Charlotte Metro. Spreadsheets and PayPal were getting unwieldy with over 3 workout locations per week. I sorted shirts in my living room and handed them out from my truck. Over the next 9 years, we grew to keep pace with the spread of F3 Nation and added service for FiA Gear along the way.

Along with our thriving relationship with FiA and F3, we have grown MudGear by supporting and celebrating the obstacle racing community and by following our customers into related sports activities like trail running, rucking, and competitive fitness.  With your help, we will build one of the most respected brands in the sports/outdoors/fitness industry. 

Today, we are a small but mighty global remote team with incredible local partners. You'll be engaged with both daily to help deliver on our commitments. We believe in trust, teamwork, and doing the right thing. Our team is self-motivated and dependable. We seek to deliver exceptional service; and we value a long-term approach to relationships and a stable, profitable approach to business. Come join our team, and help take us to the next level!

Next Step

Enough talk. Let me tell you EXACTLY how to apply.

Please send an email to that introduces yourself and describes why you are a great fit for this role. The email subject line must be... "Digital Marketing Manager Application - [Name]" replacing "[Name]" with your full name in this format... Last Name, First Name. Please provide evidence that you are high-achieving, business-minded, and customer-focused. Please explain why this role excites you. A resume is optional, but if you send one, please attach it as a PDF.