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If you'd like some professional help with your logo, we have some very talented designers in the PAX who can help.  You can contact them directly to discuss your idea and pricing for their help.  We can also discuss adding to the price of each shirt if you want to spread any design fees and have us pay your designer.  If there are other designers in the PAX who want to be listed below, please let us know.
  • The Fonz - email, or call 704-685-1273
  • Treadstone - email
  • Pebbles (Benjamin Mitchell) — —

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A Big Leap for F3 Gear: MudGear Shirts to be Built in the USA

      MudGear is a company born from the F3 experience. In 2012, a FEBA-filled Malkovich and a small crew from F3 Charlotte Metro stepped up to take over...

F3 Gear Announcement

Just as F3 has grown, so has the F3 Gear Store. We’re excited to announce a new and extended agreement with our current partner, MudGear Obstacle Race Apparel, to be the...

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