F3 Freed To Lead Book

F3 Freed To Lead Book

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Freed To Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-day Warrior
by Dave Redding (Dredd) and Tim Whitmire (OBT)
Illustrations by Jason Hendrickson (Fonz)

The story of F3 in Paperback edition hand signed by Dredd and OBT.

"This book book is the story behind the success of F3, the network of small, free workout groups for men that we launched on January 1st, 2011, with a single New Year’s Day workout at a Charlotte, North Carolina, middle school.  As of this writing (late 2013) there are 220+ scheduled weekly F3 workouts  - primarily in the Carolinas, but  also in locations as far-flung as Cleveland, Ohio, Denver, Colorado, and Washington, D.C.  Each week, more than 1,500 men participate in an F3 workout and, all told, more than 2,500 men have experienced an F3 workout. 

The defining characteristics of an F3 workout are that it takes place outdoors, almost always at an unpleasantly early hour; that it is led by one of the participants (not a paid fitness instructor); and that it is physically challenging while being inclusive of all men who show up for the workout. 

No one has ever been turned away from an F3 workout; no one has ever been charged for an F3 workout. 

F3’s growth has outpaced even our wildest 1/1/11 dreams, but that’s not the story we’re here to tell. What we think makes this a story worth spending your hard-earned cash to read is F3’s impact on the lives of the men who participate in it. 

In the pages ahead, we will explain how we came to realise - well after F3 had become a sort of runaway train - that it solved a Problem (perhaps THE Problem) that plagued many of the men we knew (something we call SadClown Syndrome). 

Part One of this book gives a big-level overview of he three Fs in our names (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith). We’ll take a quick look at how an F3 workout runs, the broad organizing principles of F3 and why those formats seem to work particularly well (in the process, we;ll throw a lot of F3 Lingo at you - look for explanations in the sidebars).

Part Two really digs into the Problem, as we’ve come to understand it through our F3 experience and out own lives. 

Part Three returns to F3 in much deeper detail. We break down each of the three Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith) and explain how each exists within the F3 framework and how the F3 approach to each one helps address a different aspect of the Problem. 

We’ve written this book for one reason and one reason only: to get our Solution to the Problem in front of more men. It’s the same reason we started F3 in the first place.  So read the book, pass it along - and use it to Do Something."

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