F3 MudGear Tac Hat
F3 MudGear Tac Hat
F3 MudGear Tac Hat
F3 MudGear Tac Hat
F3 MudGear Tac Hat
F3 MudGear Tac Hat
F3 MudGear Tac Hat

F3 MudGear Tac Hat

Regular price$ 24.00
The most highly anticipated piece of F3 Gear ever produced.
  • Ships with one F3 Patch (black logo on a tactical gray background) and one MudGear Patch (gray logo on black background)
  • Black on black MudGear embroidered patch area (front)
  • Durable canvas construction weathers nicely and actually improves with dirt, sweat, and age
  • Vented mesh sides
  • Low profile fit with adjustable back closure
  • Cap lights (not included) or other patches also adhere to the soft fabric under bill

Prototypes were leaked in early 2014 during a South Carolina convergence.  Beta Tester AP was offered a first born child on the spot for his but declined.  Since then, we've seen emails weekly asking when these would be ready.  After final tweaks, things looked good for a Christmas 2014 arrival, but they were delayed in transit, rumored to have undergone special inspections for their extreme badassary.

The F3 MudGear Tac Hat comes with a MudGear logo embroidered in black on a black front patch area.  An orange on black MudGear patch and one F3 patch is now included (black logo on a tactical gray background).  The coveted white logo patches are not included, and not sold separately.  They must be earned through completion of CSAUP (completely stupid and utterly pointless) events.  More details about ordering batches of new event patches with F3 logos can be found here.

F3 Tac Hat

Made by MudGear, a proud partner of F3 Nation.

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