F3 Specialized Water Bottles
F3 Specialized Water Bottles

F3 Specialized Water Bottles

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PURE TASTE TECHNOLOGY - Purist infusion shields the bottle from taste, mold and staining. Nothing sticks so your bottle stays clean and your water tastes pure.

The redesigned 2nd generation bottle!

BIG MOUTH design. Black Cap, Smoke color with Black F3 Logo. 

With its three layer radient barrier the Purist Insulated keeps your water 22 percent cooler than the competition all the while maintaining a pure water taste. 

Watergate - A simple hands-free open and close heart valve: nothing to turn.

  • 100% leak proof top locks down for transport or mixing powdered drinks.
  • Delivers a high rate of flow with a leak proof design, even when the valve is open.
  • Rubber over-mold cup for easy drink.

Your beverage, cool and pure!