F3 QSource Kit

F3 QSource Kit

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You already have access to EVERYTHING you need to be a Q at home, at work and at workouts… assuming you have the desire. The F3 QSource Kit provides current and aspiring HIMs with a few extra tools as you travel down Leadership Road.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 F3 QSource Book. A leadership manual of sorts, the F3 QSource is useful for any group that wants to improve the leadership skills of its members.
  • 1 F3 Workout Deck (Waterproof Beatdown Box Card Deck). Let Lady Luck choose your downpainment. These cards can give and take a beating as they are decked out with F3 lingo and “Easter Eggs” printed on PVC-based waterproof cardstock.
  • F3 Stencil - "Worm's Coupon Maker". Quickly and easily spray paint cinder blocks, bricks, or your coupons of choice with 6.5 inch and 2.25 inch F3 logos.  

Once again, you don’t need a “kit” to be a Q, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have some extra tools in your belt. (Correction/Warning: The Beatdown Box may, in fact, hurt!)


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